SOUTH AFRICA – Have you ever wondered what occupation is more guilty of infidelity?

Have you ever wondered what occupation is more guilty of infidelity?
Accountants? Doctors? Politicians? Or Lawyers?
Would you believe that the Banker type and Teachers top the list?, the infamous dating site for married people, surveyed 4,392 of its South African members to determine what occupations have the highest rate of infidelity, and interestingly, those in the financial industry and education field top the list. By gender, here are the top five cheating occupations:

1. Financial Industry
2. IT
3. Physicians
4. Lawyers
5. Entrepreneur

1. Education
2. Lawyers
3. Finance/Accounting
4. Administration
5. Stay-at-Home Mother

“Some of the professions on this list make perfect sense”, says Noel Biderman, “Lawyers, entrepreneurs and those in finance such as stock brokers, for example, I’m not surprised to see them on the list as they are natural risk takers. Those who take risks at work tend to do the same in their personal lives because they feel invincible and don’t think they will get caught. This is true for both men and women.”

Regarding female infidelity specifically, Noel adds, “On a global scale, infidelity is borne of opportunity, and as women have accumulated more education, landed better jobs and achieved more financial independence, their ability and tendency to stray has increased.  Not only are they pursuing affairs, but they are more often then not, signing up to for the same reason as men, because they are lacking sexual satisfaction.”

Not restricted to office jobs, cheating appears in all facets of South African life, from cabinet re-shuffles to tender award processes. Cheating breeds upon a dynamic between an ‘influential’ upper-class who perceive themselves exempt from most rules and standards, within a cultural climate that values money and power above personal integrity.

Please contact me for more information or to arrange an interview with Noel Biderman, who can also provide further insight into:
– “The Teflon effect” – an “A-type” personality that is common among physicians and other careers, and how the ego can account for a rate of infidelity in these professions.
– How it is common for women to seek affairs for different reasons than men. For example, women in the professions of teaching or being a stay-at-home mom often lack adult interaction and use a service like to fill that void.

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