Hollywood, CA (August 18, 2012) File this under: sympathy gifts Rob Pattinson likely won’t be donating to local hospitals and senior citizens homes. The Twilight superstar was just gifted one million credits to pursue an eternity of affairs fitting only a vampire, thanks to online affair service site

In a card delivered to Pattinson’s manager Nick Frenkel today (and signed by the staff of AshleyMadison) the dating site designed for those already in relationships expressed their belief that getting his own hot lover (call it a “reciprocal affair”) would be the best way to facilitate a speedy recovery. After Kristen’s public dalliance with her Snow White director, gifts and cards have poured in from all over the world, but none quite as salacious as the scandalous but fitting gift certificate.

The Card reads:

Hey Robert,

After hearing of Kristen’s recent affair, we here at are reaching out to you to say, these things happen (especially when work and travel are involved).  Also, we believe getting your own hot lover (call it a “reciprocal affair”) would be the best way to facilitate a speedy recovery.

Though infidelity happens everyday, it can easily be more discreet!  In the spirit of fair play, we would love to bestow upon you 1,000,000 credits to, joining a network of like minded people you can really sink your fangs into.


All the best,

Noel Biderman
Founder & CEO,

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