Top ten Mistress Cities Revealed by Extra-Marital Dating Site and Milwaukee Takes 8th Place As the definition of marriage continues to evolve, millions of American women are deciding to pursue relationships with men who are already married, rather than seeking out lifelong commitments of their own. According to new research from extra-marital dating site, over 27% of the women pursuing affairs with married men in Milwaukee are actually single themselves. When Read more [...]
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SOUTH AFRICA – Have you ever wondered what occupation is more guilty of infidelity?

Have you ever wondered what occupation is more guilty of infidelity? Accountants? Doctors? Politicians? Or Lawyers? Would you believe that the Banker type and Teachers top the list?, the infamous dating site for married people, surveyed 4,392 of its South African members to determine what occupations have the highest rate of infidelity, and interestingly, those in the financial industry and education field top the list. By gender, here are the top five cheating occupations: Men  1. Read more [...]
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Is Your Wife Really Playing Angry Birds? Infidelity dating site reveals most female cheaters use smart phone for their affairs and the iPhone is their device of choice!

Toronto, ON, October 15, 2012 – The next time you think your spouse is playing a game on their phone, you may want to sneak a peek. Online affair service polled 48,460 of its affair-seeking men and women and reveals today an astounding 86% of its female membership use their mobile phones to coordinate liaisons and connect with their affair partners. Even more shocking, and for husbands to take note of, is that a daring 64% of women log on when they are in the Read more [...]
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By Popular Demand, Infidelity Dating Site Launches Online Adult Sex Store

Naughty Toys by is Now Live and Catering to All Adults Leading infidelity dating website launches online adult store for men, women and couples. From sexy outfits to a cornucopia of pleasure playthings, Naughty Toys by is the premiere online shopping destination for sex toys and other bedroom must-haves.  To celebrate the launch, is offering members a 20% discount on their entire purchase. Members must Read more [...]
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Coffee Prevails as Brew of Choice for Cheating Spouses… More Than Three Cups a Day, Your Spouse Is at Play

- New Survey Reveals the Food and Drink Habits of Unfaithful Spouses -  Toronto, Ontario, September 27, 2012 - Those who enjoy more than three cups of coffee a day could be more inclined to have an affair.  Online affair service has polled 12,872 of its members about their food and drink preferences, revealing 86.4% of its cheating members are coffee fiends. The average site member guzzles 4.5 cups a day, surpassing the Canadian average of 3.2 cups *. With National Coffee Read more [...]
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The Wynn hotel in Las Vegas isn't just a favorite spot for vacationing royals looking to blow off steam. According to a new survey by extra-marital dating site, would-be adulterers also prefer to check in to Steve Wynn's high end haunt when they're looking to have affairs. Of 7,680 US members surveyed, more than half (53%) admitted to cheating in a Vegas hotel, with nearly a fourth of those expressing a penchant for the Wynn, placing it as the most popular place in Las Vegas for Read more [...]
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LatinAmericans are Known for their Spicy and Seductive Sex Appeal… How do they Compare when it Comes to Breaking Down the Elements of an Affair?

When it comes to timelines, Colombians don't waste time and meet their affair partners face to face within one week, much quicker than Chilians who are the slowest at planning their first encounters. Colombians may be quick to get down to business, but they aren't the only ones; three quarters of Argentinians have sex on the first date compared to Venezuelans who wait the longest. This may also tie into the discretion Venezuelans hold as a top priority as most of them choose to have their affairs Read more [...]
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San Diego, CA (June 29, 2012) - A recent article in USA TODAY blew the lid off of America's most unfaithful cities; the places with the highest per capita membership on affair service Now the dating site designed for those who are already in relationships has decided to reveal San Diego's least faithful neighborhoods. According to new data regarding San Diego’s membership per capita, the most affair seekers live in Carmel Valley, with Mira Mesa and Downtown rounding out the top Read more [...]
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Hollywood, CA (August 18, 2012) File this under: sympathy gifts Rob Pattinson likely won't be donating to local hospitals and senior citizens homes. The Twilight superstar was just gifted one million credits to pursue an eternity of affairs fitting only a vampire, thanks to online affair service site In a card delivered to Pattinson's manager Nick Frenkel today (and signed by the staff of AshleyMadison) the dating site designed for those already in relationships expressed their Read more [...]
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Sheraton Hotel is the Hottest for Extramarital Hookups – Data Reveals Where and When Torontonians Are Having Affairs

August 8, 2012 (Toronto, ON) - Toronto is known for a lot of things: the Leafs, the skyline, and for being an 'Ashley Madison kind of town.' Now, the homegrown infidelity dating site -- which has become a worldwide phenomenon with over 15 million members in 23 countries -- has surveyed its members to find out where they frequent to have their affairs. polled 3,246 male members (Torontonians and travelers) who have met an affair partner at a hotel in the GTA, revealing the most Read more [...]
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